McAllen Rehab Facilities

The Different Types of McAllen Rehab Facilities

The road to recovery is one paved with hard work and numerous helping hands, but starting the recovery process is, in some cases, the hardest part. How do I know what treatment methods to be interested in? What do I need to become abstinent from drugs and alcohol? These are common questions among substance abusers try to turn their lives around, and in order to help answer these questions, we're going to take a look at the different types of McAllen Rehab Facilities.

There are two main categories to consider when we look at the different types of McAllen Rehab Facilities: Residential, or inpatient, treatment, and outpatient treatment.

Residential McAllen Rehab Facilities

Inpatient treatment and rehab facilities for drug addiction are the most intensive option for recovering drug addicts. Patients spend thirty to ninety days inside one of the residential McAllen rehab facilities. There are a number of key benefits to residential treatment, the most notable being that patients get to spend the start of their recovery in an environment completely free of all drugs and alcohol. This removal of temptations is key during the initial periods of recovery, since this is when recovering addicts are most likely to relapse and return to their substance of choice. One of the other main benefits of inpatient treatment is the twenty four seven medical supervision that patients receive during their stay in one of the residential McAllen rehab facilities. This is especially important during the detoxing process.

Detoxing is the process by which the body cleanses itself of all drugs and alcohol. The reason why medical supervision is so helpful and beneficial during this process, is because of the intense withdrawal symptoms associated with a number of different substances. With potential symptoms like seizures, strokes, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and other potentially lethal symptoms, medical treatment and supervision can be the difference between a healthy recovery, and a recovery addled with health problems.

To summarize, inpatient McAllen rehab facilities are the perfect fit for patients with severe addictions and for patients who struggle with cravings and triggers, thanks to their separation from the influence of substances and the professional assistance on staff at inpatient treatment centers.

Outpatient McAllen Rehab Facilities

While inpatient treatment facilities are perfect for patients with severe addictions, outpatient facilities are the ideal fit for patients with less severe addictions, patients seeking to maintain sobriety after inpatient treatment, and for recovering addicts with professional responsibilities that cannot be ignored.

The main benefit of outpatient McAllen rehab facilities is their ability to work around patient's work and school schedules. This offers patients a chance to meet with likeminded individuals to focus on sobriety while still taking care of the responsibilities associated with everyday life. Generally speaking outpatient treatment groups meet three to five times a week for a couple hours at a time. During these meeting patients may have group therapy session, one-on-one therapy or psychological exams, relapse prevention classes, speaker meetings, or even simple twelve step meetings. No matter what the activity is, the main focus is the same: how do you make your recovery stronger, more reliable and more focused.

To summarize, outpatient treatment is perfect for patients who are trying to maintain a recovery process, or for patients who need a little help in making sure their sobriety is secured. This is different from the intensive treatment associated with residential treatment centers, and instead has a much more relaxed, and maintained focus atmosphere.

The first step, when considering any of the McAllen detox facilities, is to take an honest and open moral inventory of your own addiction. What do you need to get out of recovery? What do you want out recovery? Once you have a basic understanding of your own wants and desires when it comes to sobriety, the best course of action is to call us at (956) 436-5410 to speak with a representative about your treatment options.

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