Alcohol Addiction Rehab in McAllen, TX

Every 1 of 12 adults in this country suffer from alcohol addiction, a number that far exceeds the harm caused by every other addictive substance. What exactly is addiction, though? At our alcohol addiction rehab in McAllen, we have come to see that knowledge is the best tool that anyone can have in their fight against this disease.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

If you are concerned about your alcohol habit, the following definition of alcoholism can help establish in practical terms what this problem is about: alcoholism is compulsive involvement with alcohol that continues in the face of serious disruptions to one's life.

A more technical definition can help, as well: alcoholism is a long-term brain disorder that is characterized by a tendency towards relapse. Our relapse prevention program in McAllen provides addicts with coping skills on how to further prevent relapse after treatment is over.

Am I An Addict or Just a Heavy User?

Not everyone who indulges in regular and heavy alcohol use becomes addicted. Heavy drinking transforms into addiction only in a few. It can take an honest appraisal of your drinking habits to determine which side of the line your habit lies on. The following qualities belong with addictive use, rather than mere heavy use:

  • An urge to drink that is compulsive in nature.
  • An appetite for alcohol that grows with the passage of time.
  • A tendency to replace social and professional relationships with a relationship to alcohol.
  • A tendency to feel regret after drinking.
  • A tendency to drink in spite of life problems clearly attributable to alcohol use.

If you find that your own appraisal of your drinking habit doesn't agree with the way others see it, it could help to speak to a professional at our alcohol addiction drug rehab in McAllen for an objective assessment.

The Dangers of Alcohol

The dangers of alcoholism are clear to see in the most recent figures by the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: alcohol plays a significant role in 60% of all fatal accidents involving fire, the use of weapons or motor vehicles. If you have difficulty controlling when and how much you drink, these dangers become far more pronounced.

If you find it hard to see how your alcohol use could ever put anyone in danger of physical harm, you could consider the risks to your health. Prolonged alcohol use permanently shrinks the brain and thins brain tissue. These changes forever alter your ability to learn, sleep, move well or feel feelings of well-being.

The dangers to the vital organs can be just as alarming. The liver is the most greatly affected. As this organ works to break alcohol down, it sustains damage through exposure to byproducts. Over time, the liver is no longer able to perform its function well breaking down alcohol, and begins to allow the manganese and ammonia in alcohol to travel to the brain.

Exposure to high blood alcohol levels can cause poor muscle tone in the heart, and lead to a condition known as cardiomyopathy. Alcohol can also increase risk of pancreatitis, and raise blood pressure to the point of kidney damage.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Addiction Rehab in McAllen?

It is always difficult to admit to the existence of a problem. Hiding behind denial is an understandable response. If you feel that you have a dependency problem, you may wish to try to take care of it on your own.

It's important to understand, however, that in most cases, it is no more possible to cure an addiction by yourself than it is to cure any other disease by yourself. Alcoholism is a disease, and it's important to treat it as such. If your attempts to correct your alcohol habit seem to repeatedly go awry, you should understand that you have a problem that requires a visit to our inpatient rehab in McAllen.

Attempting DIY alcohol addiction treatment at home is inadvisable for another important reason: quitting can come with serious withdrawal symptoms. One in 20 of those who attempt to quit alcohol dependency without medical intervention die in the attempt. The seizures and convulsions can be as serious as this.

Quality alcohol addiction treatment programs offer you a convenient and scientifically sound way of sidestepping every danger on your way out of alcoholism. Medications used alcohol addiction recovery help with withdrawal symptoms, psychological treatments help equip you with the mental skills that you need to fight alcoholism and a galaxy of support services help you get your life back on track.

If you usually believe in seeking medical help for medical problems, alcohol addiction should be no exception. You must call us for a chat with our experts at our alcohol addiction rehab in McAllen to find a way back to a great life. Call us today at (956) 436-5410,.

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