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If you have a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you've probably tried reasoning with them. More often than not, earnest appeals to good sense fail when they are directed at an addict. When a person is addicted, they need a push that is far more persuasive. This kind of pressure is brought to bear in an intervention. If you want to stage a drug addiction intervention in McAllen, then we can help.

Our experts have lots of experience in professionally managed interventions, and have a great deal to offer families planning such a move. Before you call us, however, it could help to start with a short introduction to what interventions are, and what they achieve.

What is an Intervention?

At its most basic, drug intervention for addiction is an attempt by an assembly of concerned friends and family to get an addict to admit to the existence of an addiction problem, and to accept treatment. An intervention staged by those who have little understanding of the nuances involved, however, can end in failure. It's important not only to truly understand how interventions work, but to also gain experience before you make an attempt.

Studies show that when addicts seem to demonstrate little understanding of the seriousness of their condition, it is no pretense; they truly do not understand. Our personal observations of patients at our center for drug addiction intervention in McAllen bear out these studies. Addiction is a brain disorder that truly makes it hard for addicts to possess awareness of their problem.

An intervention, then, may be better viewed as an educational process meant for a person who is mentally challenged. Whatever ideas you would use to guide your efforts to get through to someone challenged in this way, they could help in an intervention.

How to Stage an Intervention

If it seems at this point that staging an intervention is more complex than you thought, you would be right. The best way to proceed would be to find a qualified guide. In the case of an intervention, a licensed interventionist would be the person to look for.

Expert interventionists from drug addiction intervention centers make sure that families attempting interventions do not make mistakes in the process that are hard to recover from. An interventionist can help prevent mistakes by preparing you and your family in the following ways:

  • You learn to handpick the right people to participate — ones who are clearheaded and not given to emotional outbursts.
  • You learn about the kinds of defenses that addicts in denial use to stall, and find good, persuasive ways to counter these attempts.
  • You rehearse with the interventionist to ensure that no one says the wrong thing at the wrong time.
  • You learn to suppress confrontational instincts.
  • You learn how to be strong as well as compassionate.
  • You learn to not give in to halfhearted attempts at compromise proposed by the addict.

When you prepare as carefully for an intervention as you would prepare to testify at a lawsuit, success becomes far more possible. A professional licensed interventionist is the right way to come by the coaching needed.

What Happens if the Intervention Doesn't Work?

When you prepare well, the actual intervention should go smoothly. Everyone should be able to say their piece with conviction, they should be able to counter fallacious arguments by the addict with firmness, and secure the addict's cooperation. Studies show that 9 out of 10 interventions led by professional interventionists lead to positive outcomes. In some cases, however, cooperation isn't immediately forthcoming. Interventionists can help there, too.

When an addict finds it hard to see reason in spite of your best efforts, it may still only mean that you need to persevere. Every family attempting an intervention needs to go in prepared to hand down an ultimatum, should things not work out. In consultation with your interventionist, you may decide a consequence for refusing to get help such as ceasing all further support. If the family is strong in keeping to this threat, cooperation is usually not long coming.

Drug addiction intervention treatment programs in McAllen are a wonderful tool, and are effective. They only work if the patient will agree to undergo them. If you are interested in them, it would be good idea to call us to talk to one of our experts in drug addiction intervention in McAllen.

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